No eggs for a week

We have six hens. Edwina, Una, Jessie Jane, Pikachu, Princess, and Henrietta.

Princess has become broody and won't leave the coop house. She is a beautiful white hen and the other hens pester the crap out of her. She injured her leg earlier this summer, so we had to quarantine her for a good 3 months. Then we decided to have her hatch some eggs but nothing ever came of it.

Princess was our first egg laying hen. We could usually guarantee an egg from her everyday. This past week nothing, no eggs from any of them. Chris and Belle added a light in the coop last year and we had pretty consistent eggs for about a year now. Last night, they installed a light, with a red light bulb. I'm not sure if that red light bulb will factor in in a good way or bad, but it was the only one we had.


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